Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A weekend in Melbourne

We spent the last weekend in Melbourne, partly because our son Nick was doing a course there and asked if we'd like to come. It was my birthday on Sunday, so we got to spend time with him. The added bonus is my sister lives in Melbourne and I don't get enough time to be with her. We stayed in an apartment in the heart of the city which was a short walk from the sights and fabulous food.

In summary - a great weekend - fabulous food, long walk, time with family
and a lazy afternoon being photo-creative.

Here is my photo story of our weekend.

Sunrise light reflecting on the pool stairs
Fabulous breakfast; fried brioche with berries at Hardware Society, Hardware Lane
In the grounds of the Convent Abbotsford after a long walk and yummy lunch with my sister Kathy, her husband, Pete and my hubby, Bruce.
Building Reflections (sideways!)
Gorgeous light caught my eye
Waterlogue app on my iPad rendered the photo into a watercolour
Double exposure and filter created by Diana app for iPhone
Double exposure; my cousin's window in England and a beach view in Australia with Diana app

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Exploring Water

Last week, I was exploring underwater photography. Maybe not so much my One Little Word EMERGE but rather SUBMERGE!

I was inspired by some photos that my brother Peter took of his daughter underwater as well as the ones that my friend Therese publishes on her swimming pool blog.

Bruce found that his small video camera is water proof and I purchased a small Olympus Tough TG2 as I am keen to experiment. We visited Mona Vale sea water pool and had some fun. It is early days as we experiment with taking photos in tiny rock pools as well as the murky depths of the sea swimming pool. Here are our first attempts.

Shell in rock pool taken underwater

Bubbles on the surface

Bruce with water reflections

Underwater selfie

Sunday, February 16, 2014

gratitude week 2 February

Saturday 8 Feb
Preparing for visit by my friends, I decided to make a cake. Here is one that I love to bake - gluten free Apple and Almond Cake. I loved that they said it looked so professional! You can find the recipe here.

Sunday 9 Feb
Brunch with my dear friends from my clowning days- we met 35 years ago and have been meeting regularly for 21 years - we are ageing, we are changing, we hold a sacred space where we can share our inner most thoughts and sometimes we laugh.

Monday 10 Feb
Listening to Ludovico Einaudi on CD, reliving the concert on Sunday night at the Opera House. Haunting and evocative.

Tuesday 11 Feb
Enjoying beautiful organic fruits picked by my friend Deb and brought to us when she visited on the weekend. Luscious.

Wednesday 12 Feb
Lunch with my gorgeous son, Nick..I didn't take a photo so I will have to use a favourite one of him, although he says he is much older now. I don't think he has changed in 5 years!

Thursday 13 Feb
Feeling energised after my hydrotherapy and Bowen treatment. Thank goodness for caring professionals helping my shoulder recover.

[no picture for this]

Friday 14 Feb
Valentines Day- my husband is away and he sends me flowers and they are gorgeous purple and white lisianthus. Love that he remembered and chose my favourites.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

the meaning of EMERGE

I am playing with my word for 2014
creating word clouds
of different meanings
and phrases
trying to see where my word EMERGE
may lead me this year.
I like the possibilities that my word evokes.

 You can make your own word clouds here on Wordle

Monday, February 10, 2014


On the weekend, I was captivated by light and shadows. Here are three images that caught my eye.

I was lying on the floor doing my shoulder stretch when I noticed that the sun was creating wonderful highlights and shadows on the tree outside the window.

Celtis shadows


The African rug draped on a chair caught the morning sun and reflected the stair banister.

Rug and stair shadows

It was the light that caught my eye and then the tiny heart within the flower.

Heart light on Begonia

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gratitude Feb week 1

Today's post is a week of Gratitude in pictures. It is a challenge to remember to take a photo and think about gratitude..I have also added a paint filter to my photos just for fun..I do like creating paintings from my photos..
Being grateful everyday for at least one thing, improves my mood and reminds me that even when I feel down there is always something that has happened that day that brings me joy..

Saturday 1 Feb; Bruce and I walked from Clovelly to Bondi and back. This is a beautiful coastal walk. We got exercise, fresh air, beautiful blue water and clear blue skies. In this photo, lunch was nearby as was respite from the heat and humidity.

lunch is in sight

Sunday 2 Feb: I enjoyed a quiet coffee in the garden. It was peaceful and restorative. Bruce went to the beach, I stayed home, reading the papers and enjoying the birds, the flowers and the quiet.

Morning coffee
Monday 3 Feb: I went for a swim. Not in this pool - it's the one at Bondi. I swam in an indoor pool sheltered from the sun. Still this image captures the "feeling". Moving fluidly through water..

swimmers at Bondi Icebergs pool

Tuesday 4 Feb: Purple lisianthus are some of my favourite flowers, I found some in the local supermarket and they are now in my kitchen. Beautiful. The photo looks particularly beautiful in the watercolour filter. Wish I could paint like this.


Wednesday 5 Feb
Bruce and I did some much needed pruning of trees in the garden and restrung some of our solar-powered fairy lights. Love the twinkles at night. The craggy bark and hanging plants are lit up in the dying light of the day.

Twinkle lights on the crepe myrtle

Thurs 6 Feb
Time to do some quilting. I am working on a sea blue quilt for my son, Nick. Enjoying the colours and the challenge. I was drawn to Kaffe Fassett's Earthy Mitre squares as a design but have made this a centre panel while I create soft sea scape stripes top and bottom.

Making progress, sea blues squares and stripes
Fri 7 Feb
Nothing creates a sense of summer more to me than luscious mango. When I was a child we would be given a mango to eat as a special treat. The sweet juice would run down our arms as we sank our teeth into the soft flesh. It is still my favourite summer fruit even if I have learned to nibble the flesh from the skin rather than sink my teeth into the softness around the stone.

mango ready for breakfast

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Glass Bottles

When we were in London last year, wandering around the British Museum in the Turkish/Moroccan section, I saw these glass bottles. The light illuminated them perfectly and I was enraptured. I am dreaming of turning this picture into a quilted wall-hanging, if only I could work out how to do it. Design ideas keep swirling in my sleep.

Glass Bottles British Museum London
In the Metropolitan Museum in  New York, I kept circling back to the Tiffany Glass - pictures fashioned in stained glass. Again I thought of creating these pictures in fabric.

Year before last, in Noosa, Queensland, I spied these Mason jars filled with flowers and hanging from trees at a wedding reception. So simple and lovely


Now I find my eye is drawn to glass jars and bottles in homewares shops and on Pinterest.

So much so I've started a Pin board on glass bottles - just to get a gallery of shapes to work with.

Hmm, think there is a drawing or design bubbling in the background here or maybe just a need to be creative with glass.